Permanent central monitoring of all processes

  • Acceptance/Delivery
  • Analysis
  • Grinding and Mixing
  • Extrusion/Pelletizing
  • Loading

1 Acceptance/Delivery

  • Batch-managed acceptance of raw materials with the CellaTrace production control system.
  • Acceptance and storage using system-integrated calibrated scales.
  • Automatically created discharge certificates.
  • Receipt and storage of goods using bar code labelling.
  • Inventory posting with bar code scanner.


Process Control and Visualization CellaControl
Production Control sSystem (MES) CellaTrace

  • Modular architecture and flexible scalability (assign PLC I/O points to elements such as actuators, sensors, etc.).
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive windowing system increases user efficiency.
  • Record and evaluate all malfunctions with reference to the schematic diagram. Fault message archiving in an alarm journal. Notification via text message or email (optional).
  • Use visualization tool to configure all process parameters e.g. conveying elements, actuators, scales, discharging equipment, controllers, cells etc.
  • Information on conveying elements, actuators and detectors with reference to schematic diagram for quick fault analysis from the control room.
  • „Pathfinder“ query tool locates available, alternative and suitable workflow route.
  • Configure specific lag times for each unit within the conveying path to reduce overall no-load operations. Minimizes wear on mechanical equipment and saves energy.
  • Reroute the bulk material to a different upstream destination bin and/or from a different downstream source bin; either implemented at operator request or triggered automatically based on empty/full status messages.
  • Full graphical display of all stages along the flow route. Indicates status messages and runtimes for all equipment for troubleshooting.
  • Multidimensional adjustment of major, minor and micro ingredients for maximum accuracy of proportioning and metering.
  • Central configuration of task parameters such as target quantity, time and performance and source/destination data. Parameters can be edited while operations are running.
  • Control and monitor conveyor equipment, complex conveying and handling systems as well as continuous and discontinuous mixing operations.
  • Check all functions prior to commissioning using the integrated diagnostic virtual test bench. Retrofits and upgrades can be carried out smoothly in very short timeframes (usually one weekend).

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